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You still have some questions?

Below you may find answers to some questions you might have about our services and solutions.

No answer found? Contact us and we will work together to find the right answer!

  • We know little to nothing about IT, how does ECX manage that?

    Then you are at the right place at ECX. We are indeed looking for a partnership with our customers and we want to build a long term relationship with them.

    No endless number of terms and abbreviations. We always try to explain everything in detail, supported by a sketch or a comparison to everyday things.

    1. Objectively adives
    2. Depending on needs and budget
    3. Just what is necessary
    4. Taking into account the short and medium long term needs
    5. Nice to haves: your choice!
  • Does ECX sell hard- and software?

    Yes, we do! We work with most IT distribution companies in Belgium and abroad as well as with some big manufacturers.

    Please ask your totally free quote. We provide a good offer, including advice!

  • Do you also speak French or English

    Bien sûr / Of course!

    Our staff are all speaking Dutch but obviously have at least basic knowledge of French and English to help your users on a professional manner.

  • I only need your support occasionally or for a specific period, is that a problem?

    No problem at all! We work at customers companies on a project basis, during peak periods or during holiday periods of internal staff.

  • I also work with internal staff and with other parties, is that a problem?

    Not at all! We work for custumers having internal IT staff and/or working with other ICT companies. Partnering is in our genes and makes us better and stronger.

  • Should we decide immediately or do we need to angage for long term contract commitments?

    No, we do not have hard-sellers who try to force decisions. We believe in the advisory role and would prefer to work step by step.

    That way we can show you our expertise and flexibility!

  • You ensure knowledge transfer and / or training?

    Definitely. Documentation is an absolute MUST in everything that we do. The step to knowledge is not that big. Together we search for a time-slot for knowledge transfer so you can, partially or complete take over servicing your environment!

    Coaching and workplace visits have taught us to be close to the end user, so that we can help them with tips and tricks in his/her daily job!

  • What if you cannot solved it?

    We have a lot of expertise to solve problems. Of course there are incidents that are beyond our knowledge at a particular the time. By building long-term relationships, both by management-owners and by our employees, we have quick access to escalate to the largest and well-known manufacturers and we have numerous contacts with MVPs and experts. Moreover, we have some self-employed persons who regularly assist our engineers in highly complex problems (incidents but also design and design)

  • Can ECX help in financing and / or leasing??

    Of course! Depending on your needs, we can apply for funding from major vendors as well as from several leasing / renting companies within Europe.

    If you have a one-year contract (NOT renewed automatically!) with ECX you can spread peak spending's over 12 months.

    1. No upfront investments
    2. CAPEX becomes OPEX
    3. Regular updates
    4. Flexible financing options
  • Are we too small?

    Obviously not! From the very start of ECX, the intention was to provide structured ICT services to SMEs - small and medium size. That has not changed today!

    So we provide services to all types of organizations from 1 to 500 employees, with sometimes a peak above.

    On our services you get a "size doesn't matter" guarantee